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Written Documentation

Latest release User Guide (PDF) SAML Adapter (PDF) Admin REST API Javadocs


Video Tutorials

Screencast Name Description
High-level Introduction Intro presentation on Keycloak. Not a tutorial
The Basics Part 1 Learn how to create realms, users, roles, applications, and role mappings
The Basics Part 2 Secure some JBoss/Wildfly applications using Keycloak and the realm you created in Part 1
The Basics Part 3 Configure third party OAuth
Social Login/User Registration Learn how enable social login via Google, Twitter, or Facebook as well as user registration
Forgotten Passwords Learn how to handle users forgetting their passwords
2-Factor Auth Learn how to set up TOTP/Google Authenticator login capabilities
Per App Roles and Composite Roles Learn how to define per applications roles as well as coarse-grain composite roles

Older Tutorials

Screencast Name Description
Overview: Part 1 and Part 2 Intro presentation on Keycloak. Not a tutorial
Comprehensive Overview Comprehensive Intro presentation on Keycloak. Not a tutorial